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My Tunes Music Quiz (using your iTunes library) app for iPhone and iPad

4.1 ( 4431 ratings )
Music Games Music Trivia
Developer: Super Moose Development LLC
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.6, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 09 Jul 2009
App size: 5.97 Mb

How well do you know your own music?
My Tunes Music Quiz uses your own iTunes Library to play song clips and have you identify them by artist and/or title. Its a personalized trivia music quiz.

Now you can select from which playlists to pick songs. And two player mode for iPad.

- identify the artist
- identify the title
- identify the artist/title
- starts playing at random point in song
- tracks high scores for two play modes
- animation, the dropping balls serve as a timer to indicate your time remaining
- two play modes:
1. Normal (the faster you answer the more points you receive. Over time, incorrect answers will disappear.)
2. Lightning (3 minutes to get as many songs as possible.)
- adjust volume during play
- No internet access required

This games is the only one to have two game modes (tracking high scores for each mode) and animation.

Note: Because My Tunes Music Quiz is linked with your iTunes library on your iPhone / iPod Touch, the title and artist information is only as accurate as your library. Requires a library of at least 25 songs.

Pros and cons of My Tunes Music Quiz (using your iTunes library) app for iPhone and iPad

My Tunes Music Quiz (using your iTunes library) app good for

I just downloaded this, and I love it. As a musician, its fun to play with... also, as music teacher, Id love to use it with my students. However, it synched to my playlists as they were when I initialised the app, and allows no subsequent changes. When I created a playlist especially to use with my students, it would not include the new playlist in the list, nor would it allow me to re-synch the program and reset the playlists. A big drag, because I downloaded it primarily to use with my students. And who never adds to their playlists? I can see this as being an obstacle to lots of users. I hope its easy to fix... ;)
The game is pretty cool getting to test your skills on how well you know your music but it plays the same song often :/ but other than that its pretty cool
I really like this product - automatically chooses a song and asks for you to guess the so g, artist or both. We have name that tune music night with my friends and this will be perfect for it! Would love for it to allow for you to choose songs by playlist in order to narrow the game.
This app is really awesome as you can tell because I titled this awesome!!!!
Totally Awesome !! All my friends try to challenge each other for the best score.
Unfortunately I know my music so well that I get bored when Im playing this app.

Some bad moments

wont sync to my library at all. it keeps saying I only have one song in the selected playlist and when I go to choose a lager playlist it only shows one that I dont even have. I cant believe I had to waste a dollar on another music quiz app that doesnt work.
Poor execution. It repeats the same song a lot and includes tracks from audio books. Was fun for about 5 minutes.
How do you add songs on this??? Does it add songs automatically? Because mine doesnt add any or something...
Bugs everywhere. Cant play it and I just bought it right now!!!
I just bought it and was gonna play it but than when I was gonna play it the songs werent playing so there was no point. Any ideas what I should do?
I just wasted my time and money:( it said that I only had 20 songs on my playlist but I actually have ALOT more Than that!!!! >:( so now its telling me that I have to buy more songs to play it :(:(:(